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About us

MediaMusica Publishing House is classified as a Category A Publisher in the field of Humanities by the National Council for Scientific Research:

To verify CNCS's recognition of the MediaMusica Publishing House, please access the link below to the official CNCS website (position 124):

Founded in 2001 in Cluj-Napoca, in an increasingly competitive environment, MediaMusica Publishing House of the "Gheorghe Dima" National Academy of Music in Cluj-Napoca constitutes, through the cultural, scientific, and educational values it has promoted, a significant presence in the Romanian musical book market.

Benefiting from the valuable contributions of authors or author collectives from the academic environment - researchers, teachers, cultural figures, public figures - the publishing house has gained indisputable prestige, especially regarding the publication of university books, in top fields of contemporary art.

The publishing house has its own printing press within the "Gheorghe Dima" National Academy of Music in Cluj-Napoca, equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment, producing works of the most complex nature at a qualitatively corresponding level to European standards.

In the years of its activity, MediaMusica Publishing House of the "Gheorghe Dima" National Academy of Music in Cluj-Napoca has published reference titles in the field, in Romanian and other languages, by Romanian and foreign authors, works that have been awarded at national and international competitions.

In 2020, the publishing house was recognized by the National Council for Scientific Research (C.N.C.S.) as a Category A publisher (Categories of CNCS Publishers).

The main purpose of the Publishing House:

  • Valorization of the musicological and educational production of researchers and practitioners in music education.
  • Printing and dissemination of scores by contemporary composers.
  • Collaborations in interdisciplinary fields, addressing aspects of culture and art from all neighboring spheres (literature, theater, visual arts, etc.).

Periodic publications of the publishing house: