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Bianca Ţiplea Temeş, Jim Samson - Reconfiguring musical cultures in Central and Southeastern Europe

 Bianca Ţiplea Temeş, Jim Samson - Reconfiguring musical cultures in Central and Southeastern Europe

Otilia Badea
Zdravko Blažeković
Elena Chircev
Anita Mayer-Hirzberger
Florinela Popa
Jim Samson
György Selmeczi
Bianca Țiplea-Temeș

The present volume is not the product of any single mind. Aside from the two editors and the authors of the published essays, other individuals and organizations contributed to making the publication possible. Our gratitude goes first and foremost to the members of our scientific board, who ensured the quality of the proceedings: Jim Samson, Zdravko Blažeković, Anna Dalos, Pavel Pușcaș, and Adrian Pop. We are also grateful to the Research Center for Music Iconography at The Graduate Center, City University of New York, and to the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien, both of whom
were generous with their support. Thanks also to Editura Muzicală București for reproduction rights.

We owe a special debt of gratitude to Ariana Phillips-Hutton from the University of Cambridge, who served as English-language editor, and offered editorial support in other ways too. And we extend our appreciation to Bencze Miklós for the cover design and further illustrations in the volume. 

Last but not least, we express our sincere appreciation to the CNFIS (Consiliul Naţional pentru Finanţarea Învăţământului Superior) of the Ministry of National Education in Romania for their financial support in the publishing of the present volume.

Nr. of pages: 176

ISMN 979-0-707664-16-2
ISBN 978-606-645-164-2