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Coperta Seeing Sounds

Bianca Ţiplea Temeş, Nicholas Cook - Seeing Sound, Hearing Images

The papers in this volume were initially presented at the symposium, 'Seeing Sound, Hearing lmages', held at the Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca on 22 April 2015. The event was supported by the following organisations:
Cluj Modern International Contemporary Music Festival
Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca
Sigismund Toduţă Doctoral School
Association of the Composers and Musicologists Cluj
We would like to thank Ariana Phillips-Hutton for editorial support in preparing these texts for publication in English, Bencze Mikl6s for the graphic design of the cover, as well as the Polish Cultural Institute in Bucharest for their support in organising the symposium. We alsa want to express our deep gratitude to Schott Music Mainz and Ariadne Verlag Vienna for their permission to reproduce musical examples in the present book.

Nr. of pages: 142

ISBN 978-606-645-078-2